Michał Wszoła

Transplantation surgeon, founder and CEO of Polbionica

Michał Wszoła MD, PhD  – transplantation surgeon, devoted doctor and a visionary scientist, creator of bionic pancreas – an organ that will reintroduce the ability of the body to regulate the blood sugar level and revolutionize diabetes treatment. Founder and CEO of Polbionica  – a Polish start-up established in August 2019 by the Foundation on Research and Science Development in order to commercialize research of bioprinting 3D bionic pancreas.

Development of bioprinting technology of 3D bionic pancreas poses a real chance for breakthrough in the type I diabetes treatment for patients all over the world. Implementation of this innovative therapy in clinical practice will be one of the greatest successes of medicine in the 21st century. Having in mind growing number of patients and limitations of currently applied methods, the bionic pancreas will help to solve the problem of lack of organs for transplantation as well as complications connected with surgery and long-term immunosuppression following the transplantation procedure. Currently, the team of Polbionica in cooperation with key Polish scientific centers, continues research on bionic pancreas and introduces to market crucial innovative products supporting the development of 3D bioprinting of organs needed for transplantation.


Polbionica is in the process of conceptual and organizational works aimed at establishing the European Center of Medical Biotechnology – a highly innovative, multidisciplinary research and implementation center in the field of life science. By integrating and consolidating the scientific and technological potential of the consortium members, it will be possible to carry out all phases of scientific research, up to commercialization of the developed solutions and products on a global scale.

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Jürg Burri

Ambassador of Switzerland

Michał Stępień

President of the Polish - Swiss Chamber of Commerce; Country Head UBS Poland

Piotr Arak

Director of the Polish Economic Institute

Liliane Brunner Halbach

Expert in Global Pharma and Life Science

Piotr Dardziński

President of Łukasiewicz Research Network

Bart Dzikowski

Managing Director, Head of Transactions & Legal of Novartis Venture Fund

Neil Goldsmith

Director Strategy, BaseLaunch

Jan Krzewiński

President, Polpharma Biologics Gdańsk

Jacek Jemielity

President at ExploRNA Therapeutics

Jordi Montserrat

Co-Founder and Managing Partner in Venturelab

Radosław Sierpiński

Acting President of the Medical Research Agency

Michał Walczak

Co-founder and a Chief Scientific Officer at Captor Therapeutics

Irma Veberič

General Manager Roche Poland

Agnieszka Sznyk

President of the Board INNOWO

Pablo Padrutt

Head of Economic, Financial and Scientific Affairs at the Embassy of Switzerland in Poland

Ulrich Schwendimann

Managing Director of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce